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Do You Want Your Apps to Talk Back to You (as a Chatterbox)? - Part 1
Let me start this blog series with one disclaimer: I am not an early adopter and I do not easily fall for any vendor’s slick marketing. At a recent large

temporary importation  opportunity-to-cash process Quickly-built (often temporary) Web sites , such as a site (landing page) to accommodate certain campaign or a registration process For its part,  AppExchange is an online directory of cloud applications that work with those by Salesforce.com . These third-party applications are written either directly on Force.com or in other tools but “talk” to Salesforce.com via  Salesforce.com application programming interfaces (APIs). Not Getting “Social” Initially What I really Read More

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Documents related to » temporary importation

SAP Bolsters NetWeaver's MDM Capabilities Part Two: xCat and SAP MDM
SAP purports that SAP MDM also lays the foundation for efficient and accurate exchange of cross-business information. Consumer products companies, for instance,

temporary importation  results, requires cursors and temporary files, which can also cripples the performance of a SQL-based DBMS. An example is having thirty thousand bearings with very intricate relationships of which bearings can be sold with which other bearings. This requires a system to manage and automate those relationships. Thus, xCat uses SQL-based database—either Microsoft SQL Server , IBM DB2 or Oracle —only as a container to store the product information, but then xCat completely bypasses SQL for almost all acc Read More
Provia Tackles RFID in a Twofold Manner Part Five: 3PL Support and SCE Optimization
FourSite 4.4 is an upgrade of its fulfillment solution oriented towards third party logistics (3PL) providers. ViaOptimize, is an advanced step for companies

temporary importation  trading off constraints like temporary or overtime labor costs, equipment capabilities, transportation costs, inventory availability, and required delivery dates to ensure the optimal sequence in which orders should be released for processing. The capacity planner product, on its hand, looks at all the work and related costs to fulfill orders and perform activities in the distribution center over a several days and allows managers to evaluate the associated cost trade-offs. As an example, the capacity Read More
A More Promising Payday at Promissor Corporation
When testing firm Promissor’s system kept crashing, it knew it was time to make a change. With over 800 employees made up of part-timers, temporary workers, and

temporary importation  made up of part-timers, temporary workers, and employees on various pay cycles, its payroll team was constantly reconstructing lost time sheets and wasting valuable time. Since implementing an automated Web-based solution, it has benefited from improved data collection accuracy and reduced manual processing. Read More
PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 2: Market Impact
With a large investment in architecture made early, PeopleSoft has so far resisted the downturn in the market and has gained ground by making its core

temporary importation  there is really a temporary lull in upgrades due to the overall spending anxiety. Still, reportedly, only a third of PeopleSoft customers have licensed PeopleSoft 8 so far, leaving a large group of customers that will probably license version 8 before support for version 7.5 ends in 2003. Although that seems a promising revenues booster, one would rather want customers to jump on an upgrade due to their infatuation with new functionality and clear return on investment (ROI) opportunities, rather than for Read More
eEmpACT Software
Since 1990, eEmpACT has provided software designed to help temporary staffing services, direct hire recruiting companies, consulting firms, and corporate

temporary importation  software designed to help temporary staffing services, direct hire recruiting companies, consulting firms, and corporate human resource (HR) departments deliver a higher level of service to their candidates, customers, and employees. The company also offers comprehensive support to help ensure optimal implementation of its products. With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota (US), Atlanta, Georgia (US), and San Francisco, California (US), eEmPACT has nearly 1,000 customers and more than 40 employees. Read More
Workforce Scheduling and Optimization: The Missing Link on the Shop Floor?
Today’s manufacturers must be able to promptly cater to customer fluctuations in demand and maintain profitability. With agile workforces, companies have a real

temporary importation  following: handling full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal employees handling voluntary and involuntary overtime handling a multiplicity of unique job descriptions and required qualifications (including certifications) throughout the manufacturing (i.e., food processing), assembly, and warehousing handling complex base schedules (e.g., 8-hour schedule with 12-hour flexibility; 2 days off in 7 days; 10-week cycle) handling varied departmental and shift practices Moreover, environments with a Read More
Technical Staff Management Systems for the Aviation Industry
In the airline industry, aircraft maintenance is an activity that has to be done throughout the day, so maintenance personnel must be available at all times

temporary importation  technician's name in a temporary database that contains the names of other technicians that register sequentially a that time. This way, the system can classify them according to their expertise or their abilities. This is where the interface with the supervisor or the engineer in charge of line maintenance becomes important, because a technician has to be classified according to his or her attributes. This is what we know as the system's sensibility . This classification is more focused on qualitative Read More
Microsoft .NET Enablement: Analysis and Cautions
Using technologies that are intrinsically compatible should result in faster and less costly development. Thus, any application suite rewritten in the Microsoft

temporary importation  with wrappering as a temporary measure. Eventually though, and contrary to what many vendors say, both vendors and user enterprises will be forced to modernize and transform much of their legacy code. For more information, see Rewrite or Wrap-Around Old Software? . To that end, in fact, Epicor Vantage is an example of an application that is essentially positioned between the .NET-enabled approach and the rewrite in pure .NET managed code (which is the next evolutionary step, as will be explained Read More
SAP to Acquire Fieldglass for Contingent Workforce Management
SAP has announced its intent to acquire Fieldglass, a provider of procuring and managing contingent labor and services.

temporary importation  manage their flexible and temporary workforces, including contingent labor and services managed through statements of work (SOWs), such as project-based spend, offshore engagements, and independent contractors.   Contingent labor and SOW services is a US$3.3 trillion, high-growth market according to some estimates. There is growing demand among employers to manage flexible workforces that can be quickly engaged and on-boarded to support rapidly changing business and customer needs.   Contingent Read More
Lawson Means Business with HCM (But Wait, There's More...)
Lawson Software (NASDAQ: LWSN), headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, the United States (US), and with offices around the world, provides software and service

temporary importation  full-time employees and contingent, temporary workforce . Lawson is investing with the intent of becoming the world-wide leader in providing integrated HCM solutions, and the serious HCM competitor to Oracle PeopleSoft , Kronos  and SAP .  The development efforts have lately been focused on building systems like talent acquisition, performance management, compensation management, learning management, and succession management. I would imagine many resounding enhancements along those lines to be Read More
Social Learning for Field Service Employees
Although learning might be a top priority for companies who rely on field service employees to sustain their operations, ensuring the ongoing training of these

temporary importation  often consists of work-arounds, temporary fixes, or improvements to best practices and workflows. All this information should be captured—when appropriate—by formal learning materials. Release notes, user guides, etc. should be, in part, based on the everyday discoveries of field workers, who ultimately are in charge of implementing and deploying technologies on-site. Companies that employ field workers who perform most of their jobs on-site must acknowledge that these employees are an important Read More
Is SAP Stumbling? Perhaps.
Business applications market leader SAP reported a 43% drop in net income for its first quarter ended March 31, despite a 10% increase in revenue. In a separate

temporary importation  subsidiary, is only a temporary solution until a better-attuned CEO for the American market is found. While SAP has so far failed in its attempt to transition quickly to new CRM and e-commerce technologies, it has recently been making moves in the right direction to remain competitive in the new economy. We endorse SAP's recent willingness to partner with other vendors for software components it cannot develop efficiently in-house. However, this is a notable departure from its previous strategy and will r Read More
Inflation’s Demise: The Impact on Business Informa
Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) business models and information systems originated in the 1970s and 1980s, an inflationary period. They addressed business

temporary importation  meet this demand, confront temporary capacity shortages that they alleviate by shifting resources to higher-margin goods and raising the prices of lower-margin goods. In addition, they accelerate purchases of material to avert shortages and avoid future price increases. These actions create additional demand for goods, perpetuating the inflationary cycle. Today's ERP systems originated from Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP-II) techniques developed in the Read More
Project Management Isn’t Enough for Your ERP Implementation
As we all know, many unique and time-sensitive activities occur in all areas of business, government, or even research. Those activities, regardless of their

temporary importation  example of such a temporary assignment that is usually treated as a project. For more than 40 years, project management has been recognized as a detached set of techniques that can be applied to any area or discipline. As such, it has been used by hundreds of thousands of project management professionals to manage all types of projects. However, problems arise when using this approach for ERP implementation. Working with the software end-user community, we here at Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Read More

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