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Microsoft Analyst Event Part One: What’s New for Fall 2012
The traditional Microsoft Dynamics Fall Analyst Event (FAE) 2012 started with a tour of the flagship Microsoft Store in an opulent mall in Bellevue, WA, where

window yorkshire  paste it into another window in order to compile a tweet before I share it. This is almost impossible to do on the iPad, and is quite cumbersome even on my Macbook laptop. Still, there are many more basic users than power users out there and fast is not always better. Rather than multi-tasking, a new trend is supposed to be facilitating mindfulness! At the analyst event, Microsoft confirmed that all devices (desktop, phone, tablet, PC, and TV) it is currently making will run on Windows 8, i.e., all Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » window yorkshire

Oracle8i Release 2 - Ready to Storm the Web
On November 15, Oracle Corp., announced the pending availability of Oracle8i Release 2, the follow-on to Oracle8i, the most rapidly adopted database product

window yorkshire  the management of rolling window operations. The refresh capabilities of materialized views have been enhanced to allow partition maintenance on base tables without requiring a full refresh of associated materialized views (analogous to rebuilding an index). Another key improvement regards security within the database. Oracle8i Release 2 includes a PL/SQL (Oracle's proprietary Stored Procedure Language) package to encrypt and decrypt data using the industry standard DES (Data Encryption Standard) Read More
Order Promising: Pre-Condition Your Enterprise for Operational Excellence
Simple questions often have complex answers. Whether they are speaking with you on the phone or placing an order on a Web storefront, your customers expect

window yorkshire  within an acceptable delivery window from available inventory in your closest distribution center. Manufacturing operations will not be disrupted within a specific time fence and you will never plan on using overtime or expedited material. The order promising application then applies these business objectives to customers and items. Customers or items with similar characteristics can be grouped together for simplicity. Step 2: Now you are ready to start taking orders. Promising orders can be accomplished Read More
Can Technology Make CFO's and Controller’s Jobs More Strategic? - Part 1
While setting down the thoughts for my recent “SaaSy discussion” blog series To SaaS or Not: Is that a Question?, something else related to software as a

window yorkshire  cute puppy in the window, but didn’t initially think too hard and thoroughly about the ongoing costs of dog food, shots, grooming, vet bills (and occasional flea removal or carpet and furniture cleaning or renewal). And the biggest unforeseen wrinkle is the necessary dog walking--on busy days, rainy days, or slow days, it’s not an option to say you don’t have time for it (or else, you might end up with unspeakable consequences). I know, comparing purchases of pets and ERP/accounting systems is talk Read More
Unlocking the Mainframe: Modernizing Legacy Systems to a Service-Oriented Architecture
For mainframe customers facing a narrowing window of opportunity to leverage their enormous investments in mainframe IT environments, service-oriented

window yorkshire  customers facing a narrowing window of opportunity to leverage their enormous investments in mainframe IT environments, service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides an opportunity for true synthesis—providing a solution that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Read this white paper to learn about a platform that includes the best practices and the expertise to ensure successful SOA initiatives. Read More
Industri-Matematik Joins The Portal Market
Portals foster collaboration by making it easy for participants to access the system. As with any relatively new technology, prospects should kick the tires

window yorkshire  frame or separate dialog window. To be fair to PeopleSoft, such shortcomings have been reported in other vendor demonstrations and will likely persist for the next few releases until the vendors can manage to rectify them. User Recommendations Ease of use is an important consideration for all users regardless of their level of expertise and should play a prominent role in selection of portal solutions. In spite of the current state of many new portals, we expect that, after the mad rush to market Read More
Inovis Delves into PIM by Snatching QRS Part One: Event Notes
The termination of QRS' merger with JDA Software opened a window of opportunity for business commerce automation provider Inovis to acquire QRS, indicating a

window yorkshire  best pim,data information management,data management software,document information management,essentialpim,information management product,master data management,pim program,pim solution,pim solutions,pim windows,product data management,product data management software,product information management,product information management data hub Read More
Enterprise Messaging Evaluation and Procurement Audio Transcript
This is a transcript of an audio conference on Enterprise Messaging Evaluation and Procurement presented by TechnologyEvaluation.Com. The presentation used the

window yorkshire  should spawn another browser window in which you should see the WebTESS application. You will want to maximize this window for best viewing. The great beauty of WebTESS is its ability to provide project teams with a statistically valid framework for comparing vendor options. In it, we have scored each vendor according to its ability to meet the criteria. WebTESS aggregates the scores upward through the hierarchy, while simultaneously taking into account the effect of local and global weights. Now, I Read More
INFIMACS Becoming Ever More RELEVANT For Project-Based Industries. Part 2: Market Impact and User Recommendations
The current market trend industry-wide is towards vendors that can provide comprehensive solutions for medium-sized companies. Relevant seems to have a fair

window yorkshire  support for UNIX and Windows NT operational systems, as well as for Oracle , IBM DB2 , MS SQL Server , and Informix databases. The company also continues to expand the functionality of its flagship INFIMACS II ERP product, whose capabilities go beyond traditional ERP functionality, as evidenced by this latest enhancements bonanza. INFIMACS has long featured a complex manufacturing-oriented CRM that includes a complete contact history on which people the company has been working with, what calls have been Read More
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Moderates 20th Vendor Shootout for ERP, Featuring Live ERP Software Demonstrations for Manufacturers and Distributors
The Vendor Shootout for ERP event has helped hundreds of organizations with their enterprise software selections. Moderated by TEC, an impartial software

window yorkshire  researching, or just plain window-shopping for ERP software.  The goal of the event is to allow businesses and their software selection teams to focus on ERP evaluation with key players under one roof. This two-day event gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with l     eading ERP vendors and also get an expert perspective from the impartial specialists at TEC. As the event moderator, TEC specializes in impartial and quantifiable enterprise software selection. TEC offers a proven and Read More
Attaining Real Time, On-demand Information Data: Contemporary Business Intelligence Tools
Demand for instant access to dispersed information is being met by vendors offering enterprise business intelligence tools and suites. Portlet standardization

window yorkshire  that occupies a small window in the portal page. The portlet provides users with the capability to customize content, with the appearance and position of a portlet. Incidentally, current portlet standardization might help Web enablement and portal environment integration efforts, as most BI vendors are currently and cautiously developing products that will adhere to JSR 168 , a standard that enables portlet interoperability. Since a JSR 168-compliant portal should be compatible with all Java-based portal Read More
Infor24: Demystifying Infor’s Cloud Strategy - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started with the assertion that cloud computing is reaching mainstream adoption in the enterprise applications space. Indeed

window yorkshire  key applications on the  Windows Azure Platform .  Infor ION Enabling a “No Compromise” Cloud As pointed out in  my earlier blog series, the previously announced Infor ION framework is the cornerstone of Infor’s hybrid cloud-to-on-premises software integration strategy: Infor24 . The collaboration business network part of ION will be enabling enterprises to conduct business transactions internally or externally, across both on-premises and cloud applications. To be more precise, Infor ION is Read More
Supply Chain Vendor Morphs into SCEM with Response Management Vision
Supply chain planning vendors have moved beyond enterprise planning to solutions that encompass the whole supply chain. Companies like Kinaxis are using

window yorkshire  historically Within the execution window, Kinaxis' RapidResponse product suite is well positioned as a visibility tool and event management agent for intelligent response to volatile stimuli along the supply chain. Interesting case studies and adopters of the technology include Casio , Jabil Circuit , Honeywell , Raytheon , and ViaSystems . Kinaxis' sweet spot seems to be electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers with volatility in supply Read More
Evolution to Revolution: The Test Automation Maturity Curve
The evolution of test automation towards data-driven and key/action word frameworks reflects the realization that the process becomes more efficient if there is

window yorkshire  were made to the window, they too would have to be made hundreds of times. # Add Account set_window ( Account Manager , 15); edit_set ( txtName , Worksoft ); obj_type ( txtName, ); edit_set ( txtAddress , 123 Main Street ); obj_type ( txtName, ); edit_set ( txtCity , Dallas ); list_select_item ( cbState , Texas ); #Item Number 42; edit_set ( Edit , Texas ); edit_set ( txtZip , 99999 ); obj_type ( txtZip , ); button_press ( Save_2 ); And while these issues could be resolved by externalizing Read More
Sarbanes-Oxley Readiness with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Organizations cannot achieve Sarbanes-Oxley compliance without the proper tools. But once these tools have been obtained, compliance becomes an opportunity for

window yorkshire  done in the Roles window as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1. Roles Window Access Restriction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows the user to create rules about accessibility to areas of the database. In the example shown in Figure 2, the Database Logins window for posting employee absences has been opened through the roles window. In this window, the accessibility to “HR-ABSENCE” can be limited by user and by company. Figure 2. Database Login Window Further levels of permission on the table level can be Read More

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