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MainWin for Linux - NT Apps without NT
Business software solutions provider Mainsoft Corp. is moving its MainWin product, a Windows platform developed for UNIX, to the realm of the Linux open-source

window yorkshire  its MainWin product, a Windows platform developed for UNIX, to the realm of the Linux open-source operating system. The move will, according to Mainsoft, accelerate the growth of Linux in the enterprise by expanding the development rate of business-critical applications available for the open-source environment. MainWin for Linux, expected to be offered in a commercial version toward the end of the first quarter of 2000, will allow users to re-host Windows NT applications on Linux. This product is aimed Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » window yorkshire

Best Practices for Transporters and 3PL Service Providers
The business of transporting goods is risky, complex, and effort-intensive. Despite the continuing rise in fuel prices, employee salaries, and other overhead

window yorkshire  to create a single window through which it provides all services to the client. 5. Quotation Management By using seasonal or historic costs and by comparing rates, transporters can provide accurate quotations to clients. Quotations can take into account opportunities for consolidation, load optimization on equipment, and any other cost-saving measures so that the transporters can pass the cost savings on to their clients, potentially ensuring more business from these clients. 6. Fleet Management By Read More
Attaining Real Time, On-demand Information Data: Contemporary Business Intelligence Tools
Demand for instant access to dispersed information is being met by vendors offering enterprise business intelligence tools and suites. Portlet standardization

window yorkshire  that occupies a small window in the portal page. The portlet provides users with the capability to customize content, with the appearance and position of a portlet. Incidentally, current portlet standardization might help Web enablement and portal environment integration efforts, as most BI vendors are currently and cautiously developing products that will adhere to JSR 168 , a standard that enables portlet interoperability. Since a JSR 168-compliant portal should be compatible with all Java-based portal Read More
ICARUS Ends Solo Flight With Aspen
With its third installation at Lanier Worldwide, Provia Software marks the 500th implementation of its VIAWARE application suite.

window yorkshire  via the same GUI window, not that they incorporate the same data and workflows. Examine current methods and tools they use to evaluate financial alternatives and compare these to ICARUS functionality. Decide how critical plant capital cost estimation and project economics functionality is to their business and assign an appropriate level of importance to this factor relative to other technology needs. Read More
How to Find the Right Virtualization Solution for You
Is scrambling to consolidate and virtualize your information systems department frazzling you and your hardware? Are management and infrastructure costs not as

window yorkshire  in an operational backup window is difficult at best. Many customers have found that the only way to meet their backup window is to implement alternative backup solutions such as Storage Based Backups or VMware's Consolidated Backup. Storage-Based Backups Many administrators who have experienced the challenges of backing up VMs as physical servers have elected to backup their VMware environment by backing up the files that make up the VM (the virtual disk files and configuration files). Backing up this Read More
My System Is Trying to Communicate With Me! What Do I Do?
What you should not do is ignore whatever you see on the screen. If you don’t trust computers, remember that they were created and programmed by humans like you

window yorkshire  when you close a window or a software application, it will save automatically. This is probably something you don’t want to do, and most of the time there is no “undo” button or functionality. Errare Humanum Est, Sed Perseverare Diabolicum (To Err Is Human, but to Persist Is Diabolical) The Romans did not have business software, but they understood that when you make the same error twice or more, maybe the user is the problem rather than the system. Warning messages can prevent bad or illogical thin Read More
Assessing the Drivers of Sales Performance
Outmoded measures are being used to develop marketing strategies and allocate resources. Existing go to market models often fail to consider the customer's

window yorkshire  does not provide a window as to what is working in the marketplace and it certainly reveals little that is predictive of the future. Despite this, the go to market process is this same perspective that is used for planning. Tomorrow: What drives profitability? This concludes Part One of a three-part series. Part Two will describe what drives profitability. Part Three will discuss sales force performance. About The Author Glen S. Petersen is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, practitioner, and Read More
eLoyalty Enhances Its Field Service And Logistics Services
eLoyalty, a CRM strategy and implementation consultancy, recently partnered with ServicePower to enhance its Field Service and Logistics practice. ServicePower

window yorkshire  and shorten the time window that customers have to wait. Overall field service optimization can improve service consistency and predictability. One of the biggest challenges to effectively implementing sophisticated dispatching is centralizing the scheduling and dispatch process. If it is currently decentralized, convincing field service representatives to give up control of their own scheduling and to handle more service appointments per day may turn out to be more difficult and time consuming than Read More
Mid-sized SCE Buys Small SCP: No Sure Bet on Short Term Profits
Leading supply chain execution (SCE) vendor, Manhattan Associates has recently announced its acquisition of Evant, a supply chain planning (SCP) company

window yorkshire  term supply chain execution window . Supply chain planning is a different beast, and in many ways a more complicated one. SCP entails sensitive turns of the crystal ball with many nuances over extended periods of time that are not clarified or rectified through work flow and process repetition. A whole different skill set is involved, with a unique array of algorithms tweaked by years of insight and intuition around the products at hand and the customers who buy them. While it is true that from a sales Read More
Thriving and Surviving in a Turbulent World
We can aspire to survive and even to thrive in a difficult environment if we are disciplined, bright enough and have the right tools such as a Demand and Supply

window yorkshire  we have an eight-day window to get alternative components on our assembly lines, and get the products rapidly to our clients. The countdown is starting. A reaction implies a decision and an action. The decision must be supported by fast and easy analysis of potential options. Once the decision is taken, steps toward implementing the option selected should be enacted throughout our demand and supply chain. Ensuring that our personnel and partners are enabled to make such decisions and launch appropriate Read More
Windows 2000 Releases to Manufacturing - Finally
Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it finished work on its long-awaited Windows 2000 operating system (a/k/a Win2K), wrapping up a long and painful development

window yorkshire  2000 Releases to Manufacturing - Finally Event Summary December 15, 1999 - Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it finished work on its long-awaited Windows 2000 operating system (a/k/a Win2K), wrapping up a long and painful development project that also represents Microsoft's best hope of dominating Internet computing. Windows 2000 will not actually be available to users until Feb. 17, when Microsoft plans a gala event to celebrate its release. But the Redmond, Wash., software giant has said for the Read More
Customization Drives Complexity - Why It's Hard to Design, Sell, and Produce
It seems counterintuitive, but the process of selling, designing, and producing what appear to be

window yorkshire  example, a vinyl replacement window seems like a simple product. But this seemingly simple product can be sold in multiple widths, heights, materials, and colors. It can be produced with different types of glass and sold with multiple styles of grids to provide desired decorative effects. When all of the possible options are considered together, the number of window configurations seems infinite. Developing quotes for products with this level of customization requires an understanding of which options Read More
Supply Chain Management Audio Conference Transcript
This is a transcript of an audio conference on Supply Chain Management presented by TechnologyEvaluation.Com. The presentation used the TEC patented selection

window yorkshire  Vertical portals open a window of communication between supply chain planning vendors and communities of customers, partners, content providers, advertisers, and, in most cases, the general public. A good example of a basic portal (detached from hosted services and procurement) is Aspen Technology's ProcessCity.com, a collaborative web site for the process industries. The portal offers process industry-specific news and event information, discussion forums, career guidance and employment information, and Read More
19 Steps to Maintain an Accurate Inventory What You Must Know About Your Inventory
It takes $2,500 in new sales to make up $100 in lost inventory, assuming a 4 percent return. Keeping an orderly warehouse with up-to-date processes and informed

window yorkshire  of disorder. If a window is broken and not repaired people will conclude that no one cares. Soon more windows will be broken and a sense of anarchy will move to the street upon which it faces. Replace broken window with dirty shelves and it becomes the very relevant Dirty Shelves Theory . An inaccurate inventory is the result of disorder. If an aisle is messy, a Coke can is left on a shelf, a box is not put away properly, or a light remains broken, people will conclude that no one cares. Soon more Read More
Novell to Play Catch-Up with GroupWise 5.5 Internet Enhancement Pack
Novell is positioning GroupWise to compete head to head with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange by enhancing its Internet and administrative functionality.

window yorkshire  remote access and a Windows NT Server enhancement which allows GroupWise to run as a Service and not merely as an application. According to Terry Ulanch from Novell's Collaboration Marketing, The Enhancement Pack simply makes the Web client better. Now GroupWise WebAccess, though accessible through any browser, is more like the Windows client in its functionality: Each message pops up a new window, so users don't have to go back and forward with their browser; users can select and delete multiple Read More

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